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A Reader's Guide to Content

Welcome to my world of books.

This page is to help you, the reader, determine what books you want to read.

I have three categories:

Books Appropriate for All Age Groups – G rating:

  • Holiday Stories. These can be read to young children and enjoyed by all age groups. Children who read at a fourth-grade level and higher can read these books themselves.

Books Appropriate for Adults – PG rating:

  • Inspirational Stories. These stories cover adult topics which may not be understood or appreciated by those under age sixteen.

  • Sweet Romance Collections. The stories in these collections are categorized as light and clean romance. There is no pre-marital sex, no foul language, no one dies, and there is a happy-ever-after ending. These Cinderella-like stories follow the story line of a lovely young woman who falls for a man who is a prince, so to speak. She knows she may not get him, but she wants to try.

These stories are best for those sixteen years and older as they deal with adults in a dating and romantic setting. These are not teenage romance stories.

Books Appropriate for Adults – PG-13 rating:

  • Stilettos and Scrubs Series. These are true romance stories in that Beauty tames the Beast. They qualify as clean romance in that premarital sex does not happen between the man and woman; the language is clean - not crude, but an occasional h and d word is used; no one dies; and it is a love story with a happy ending. The romance is steamy at times, but never explicit.

In these stories, the men are handsome, arrogant, wealthy, and self-serving – (like the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”.) These men like women but do not want to be tied down as one-woman men, nor do they think they need to be tamed. The heroines are beautiful, intelligent and successful, but they have a past. They will not compromise their values again as they try to tame the beasts who have captured their hearts.

NOTE: None of my stories can be classified as R-rated.

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